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The CBO estimated a median loss of 1.3 million jobs, although it also acknowledged considerable ambiguity with that figure. “Findings in the research literature about how changes in the federal minimum wage affect employment vary widely,” the agency said. President Donald Trump asserted that increasing the minimum wage would crush small businesses, many of which are already struggling as a result of the pandemic, arguing that the decision should be left to the states. Democratic nominee Joe Biden repeated his campaign pledge to raise the minimum wage from its current $7.25 to $15. Second, the responsiveness of employment to an increase in the minimum wage is uncertain. If employment is more responsive than CBO expects, then increases in the minimum wage would lead to larger declines in employment.

Chipotle execs have said the burrito chain will “definitely” pass on the costs of California’s new fast-food minimum wage to customers by raising menu prices, even after the company posted impressive third-quarter results. A proposed law to increase Michigan’s minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2027 could be revived after being blocked this month by the Board of State Canvassers. No business which depends for existence on paying less than living wages to its workers has any right to continue in this country.

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The South Korean government enacted the Minimum Wage Act on December 31, 1986. At this time the economy was booming,[204] and the minimum wage set by the government was less than 30 percent of that of real workers. The Minister of Employment and Labor in Korea asks the Minimum Wage Commission to review the minimum wage by March 31 every year. The Minimum Wage Commission must submit the minimum wage bill within 90 days after the request has been received by the 27 committee members.

articles about minimum wage

Indeed, employment in the predominantly low-wage leisure and hospitality industry has recovered faster in states that guarantee better pay for low-wage workers. The fact of the matter is that successful businesses in the United States can easily afford to pay a living wage to all of their workers without being significantly harmed financially. The United States has a long, contentious history surrounding the minimum wage. Opponents of raising the minimum wage argue that most minimum wage workers are teens working their first jobs, that raising the minimum wage will kill businesses or jobs or that raising the minimum wage will have no effect at all on purchasing power because of the resulting increase in inflation. However, the arguments against raising the minimum wage range from disingenuous to objectively false.

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Republican pollster Frank Lutz found that 80 percent of business executives in companies of varying sizes support a minimum wage increase to some degree. This is a list of the minimum wages (per hour) in each state and territory of the United States, for jobs covered by federal minimum wage laws. If the job is not subject to the federal Fair Labor Standards Act, then state, city, or other local laws may determine the minimum wage.[187] A common exemption to the federal minimum wage is a company having revenue of less than $500,000 per year while not engaging in any interstate commerce. The legislative framework requires that, in setting minimum wages, the Expert Panel is required to take into account the current state of the economy, including inflation, business competitiveness, productivity and employment growth.

articles about minimum wage

The size of any option’s effects on employment and family income are very uncertain, for two main reasons. CBO projected the distribution of poverty in future years by using the same methods it used to project the distribution of family income and by applying the same definitions of income and poverty thresholds that the Census Bureau uses to determine the official poverty rate. Changes in employment would be seen in the number of jobless, not just unemployed, workers. Jobless workers include those who have dropped out of the labor force (for example, because they believe no jobs are available for them) as well as those who are searching for work. Users of this interactive tool can leave the subminimum wage unchanged, increase it by varying amounts each year until it reaches 50 percent of the federal minimum wage, or increase it by varying amounts each year until it matches the federal minimum wage.

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Some research has even found the opposite — that is, a higher minimum wage can increase employment in some situations. When studying employment practices of big chain stores, von Wachter found that raising the minimum wage had the most positive effect in labor markets dominated by just a few large employers. For two main reasons, outcomes generated by the current version of the tool differ from those in the April 2021 version.

  • While some proponents of raising the minimum wage estimate that a much larger number of individuals and families will move out of poverty if they earned more money, a related potential benefit is a projected reduction in the need for federal and state government expenditures on financial aid for poor and low-income individuals.
  • Ms. MacDonough told Senate offices on Thursday that the provision as written violated the strict budgetary rules that limit what can be included in a reconciliation package.
  • Also, the amount of labor sold would also be lower than the competitive optimal allocation.
  • Chipotle execs said during the company’s earnings call on Thursday that it had recently raised menu prices by 3%.
  • Raising the minimum wage would increase the cost of employing low-wage workers.
  • However, a list of sources for more information is available in Appendix B of The Effects on Employment and Family Income of Increasing the Federal Minimum Wage.

Prices for food away from home were up 6% in September compared to a year ago, according to the U.S. In April 2020, the Hayward City Council approved an ordinance to adopt a local minimum wage that applies to businesses and employees operating and working within Hayward. Wages are set to increase for workers across all types of businesses and industries in Hayward on Jan. 1, 2024, the city announced Monday. It’s adjusted annually based on a set formula, which means it’ll increase to $16.28 on Jan. 1, 2024.


If wages grow faster than CBO projects, then wages in future years will be higher than CBO anticipates and increases in the federal minimum wage would have smaller effects. For the default policy shown here, the standard minimum wage reaches $15 per hour in 2027, four years after the first incremental increase. The subminimum wage for tipped workers reaches parity with the regular minimum wage two years later. After reaching their targets, both minimums are indexed to changes in median hourly wages.

The estimates shown here are based on CBO’s economic projections published in May 2022 and reflect economic developments through March 2, 2022. In addition, for this analysis, CBO has incorporated the effects of Executive Order 14026, issued by President Biden on April 27, 2021, which increased the minimum wage for federal articles about minimum wage contractors to $15 on February 1, 2022. In later years, the minimum wage for federal contractors will increase by the change in the consumer price index, reaching $17.10 in 2027. As a result of that increase, fewer workers would be affected by a higher minimum wage that was implemented for a broader group of workers.

Brandon Presley supports efforts to raise Mississippi’s minimum wage

Small employers are defined as businesses with 25 or fewer full- or part-time workers including individuals employed outside of the city. Economists and other political commentators have proposed alternatives to the minimum wage. They argue that these alternatives may address the issue of poverty better than a minimum wage, as it would benefit a broader population of low wage earners, not cause any unemployment, and distribute the costs widely rather than concentrating it on employers of low wage workers. But while economists concur that raising the minimum wage will likely cause prices of some goods and services to rise —so long as the raise is moderate, it will impact prices only slightly.

She dreams of paying her medical bill and still being able to afford Pine-Sol or bleach to clean her house. Other minimum wage workers, like Laugudria Screven Jr., resort to earning income other ways — in Screven’s case, by selling his blood plasma twice a week. The strategy leaves him feeling drowsy and weak, but allows him to afford rent and approximately one meal a day.